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Love, Sex and Heroism
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I’m Lee; a 26 year old, Canadian-born, fanfiction writer.

My stories are contain an
assortment of genres; from humor to romance to angst and
so on. I feel real life shows every bit of this and while
the fairytale is nice, it’s not lasting or true.

My favorite character is Chloe Sullivan of Smallville,
and so the majority of my stories are based around her
with various leading males. I write canon and crossovers
and I dabble in just about every TV show I’ve seen.

There’s a bit of everything here because I have a habit
of getting on a couple for awhile, writing them almost
religiously, and then returning to my favorites.

Personally, I’m sarcastic, blunt, opinionated, friendly,
and always willing to lend a hand. You’ve got a problem
here on LJ, shoot me a PM and I’ll do my best to help.

I’m not afraid of questions, so if you have any, just ask!

Great Loves
Smallville: Chloe/Oliver*, Chloe/Bart
Glee: Puck/Rachel*, Sam/Rachel, Mike/Rachel, Santana/Rachel
The Vampire Diaies: Caroline/Stefan*, Caroline/Elijah, Damon/Rose
Thor: Darcy/Clint, Darcy/Coulson
The Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta, Cato/Clove
The Office: Jim/Pam
Castle: Castle/Beckett
Once Upon a Time: Charming/Snow, Emma/Graham, Emma/August
iCarly: Sam/Freddie
Bones: Booth/Bones, Angela/Hodgins
Rookie Blue: Andy/Sam
NCIS: Abby/Tony*, Abby/Gibbs, Jenny/Gibbs
The Good Wife: Will/Alicia
That 70's Show: Jackie/Hyde
Hart of Dixie: Zoe/Wade
Dawson's Creek: Pacey/Joey

Crossover Loves
Smallville/Supernatural: Chloe/Dean*, Chloe/Castiel
Smallville/Batman TDK: Chloe/Bruce*
Smallville/Teen Wolf: Chloe/Derek
Smallville/Twilight: Chloe/Jacob
Smallville/Transformers: Chloe/Will
Smallville/The Glades: Chloe/Jim
Smallville/GI Joes: Chloe/Duke
Smallville/Star Trek: Chloe/Kirk, Chloe/Spock
Smallville/The Listener: Chloe/Toby
Smallville/The Vampire Diaries: Chloe/Damon
Smallville/Ironman: Chloe/Tony
Smallville/Fantastic 4: Chloe/Johnny
Smallville/Hawaii Five-O: Chloe/Steve
Thor/Avengers: Darcy/Bruce, Darcy/Steve, Darcy/Tony

Favorite LJ’s
Chlollie, Winchullivan, PuckRachel

Where To Reach Me


The best place to find me if you have any questions about writing, WIP stories,
or just generally feel like chatting is on my Tumblr.

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