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Making Time - Chlo-Lo - PG - OneShot

Title: Making Time
Category: Smallville
Genre: Friendship/Family/Humor
Ship: Chlo-Lo with a side of Chloe/Oliver and Clark/Lois
Rating: PG
For: svgurl – who loves Chlo-Lo
Word Count: 634
Summary: Apologies are accepted, plans are made, and gossip is shared.

Making Time

"I know I bailed on you twice and we haven't hung out much, but… Did you really have to blast Whitesnake the whole drive to Smallville?" Chloe sighed, following behind her cousin into their once shared-apartment above the empty and closed-for-the-night Talon.

"Yes, Chloe…" Turning around, she pinned her younger cousin with a narrow-eyed glare. "I really did." Arms crossed over her chest, she tapped her foot impatiently.

After a long pause in which it became very clear that Lois was not going to be so easily appeased, she sighed. "All right, okay, what do you want me to do? Beg for forgiveness? Kiss your feet?" she laughed.

When Lois cocked her head to one side thoughtfully, Chloe's eyes widened. "Lois!" she exclaimed.

Shoulders slumping, Lois threw her head back and sighed. "Fine, no feet-kissing, but come on… You ditched me to live in Star City with Oliver and even after promising to make time for me, you've cancelled not once, not twice, but four freaking times!" She threw her hands up. "How are we supposed to recover?"

Chloe bit her lip to keep from smiling. "I cancelled twice… The other two times we mutually agreed it wasn't good timing." She cocked a meaningful brow. "Somebody had a more than PG-rated date with a certain farmboy, if I remember correctly."

Pursing her lips, she rolled her yes. "All right, so one time was my fault. But can you blame me?" Frowning, she whirled around and started for the fridge. "My favorite cousin slash best friend has basically traded me in for tall, dark and handsome and what little time she gets in Metropolis is spent chasing bad guys and putting a smackdwon on whoever gets in her way…" Reaching the fridge, she pulled out a half-eaten pint of rocky-road and dug out a huge spoonful. "Where is the Chlo-Lo time I was promised, huh?" Stuffing her mouth full of ice cream, she then exclaimed dramatically, "Where?"

"Not at the bottom of that container, I can tell you that," Chloe replied, dragging it out of her cousin's hands even as she tried to scoop more into her mouth beforehand. Putting it back in the freezer, she turned around and smiled lightly. "Admittedly, I've been busy. Really busy. And I'm very sorry that that's gotten in the way of… Chlo-Lo time," she smiled for emphasis. "But I'm making it up to you tonight and I'm putting you in my iPhone calendar as a permanent appointment every Saturday night, all right?" She raised her brows questioningly.

"Every Saturday?" she repeated skeptically.

Chloe grinned. "Unless, for some unforeseen reason, the world is ending and I have to intervene or… you and a certain famer's tan have an impromptu date." She nodded. "Just keep me updated and I will make it my personal mission that we get more time together."

Sighing, Lois pretended to think it over before nodding abruptly. "Okay… But just so we're clear… If you miss a Saturday when I'm not doing the horizontal mambo with Clark or for world-ending reasons… there will be feet-kissing!" She pointed her finger at her as menacingly as she could.

"All the more reason to stay in touch," she agreed.

Content, Lois threw an arm around Chloe's shoulders and directed her to the living room. "All right cuz, now that that's cleared up, we have a lot to catch up on. Like why I saw a picture in G! of you with a little sparkle on your finger… Spill!"

Chloe grinned, taking a seat on the couch and a deep breath. Settling in across from her, poised for gossip, was an excited Lois Lane, who Chloe knew had a sparkling story of her own to tell. It was going to be a great night; one of many Saturdays to come.


Tags: author: sarcastic_fina, for: svgurl, oneshot - smallville - chlo-lo, ship: chlo-lo, status: complete

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